As their name choice may suggest, Dananananaykroyd are quite a jovial bunch. When I caught up with the post-hardcore Scotsmen we ended up talking about all sorts of things from Eddie Murphy's dealings with Spice Girls to what would happen if you blew up the Just Eat website's little man in their logo to Godzilla proportions. Unfortunately this interview is strictly about band business. Well... sort of. There was a lot of giggling and going off on tangents, but anyone who has seen the sprawling explosion of frenetic fun that is their stage show will not be surprised by that one bit. New album 'There Is A Way' came out this week, so it seems about right that we should get to know a little bit more about this affable bunch of wailing scallywags. Don't worry, it's not all written like an Enid Blyton book like that last sentence may suggest.

R13: On a scale of one to ten how annoyed do you get with people asking you about your name?
Duncan (guitar): I've come back round again- I think I'm back at 1, I don't mind any more. if we had a really fun story about it- because its so weird everyone assumes there's a really funny anecdote to it which there isn't.
R13: It sort of reminds me of the Batman theme tune...
Du: Well, over the years we've developed a load of answers to this question but none of them are the original plan. One of them was that James our drummer thought of the name and that's why he got kicked out of the band. And a lot of people have asked 'why didn't you call yourself Bill Murray?'
David (guitar): It's because you can't sing 'Billillillillamurray'.

R13: Is it a blessing that the internet has autocomplete on Google when people are trying to find you?
Du: It was a really big day when Google had that.
Da: That's when you know you've made it- just take half of our band's name and Google does the rest.
Calum (vocals): It was whole new avenues of fame.
Du: We'll be screwed if someone else comes up with our name but with another 'an'.

R13: You've recently rebranded your 'fight pop' to being called 'posicore'. It seems to be the polar opposite of this lo-fi moody genre that seems to be knocking about at the minute...
Da: That's why we have no money.
R13: If we were to pitch you in a battle against these wishy-washy lo-fi kids, who would win?
Da: I would win because I'm a survivor of the first wave of real lo-fi from the late 80s and early 90s when I was very young- all these new lo-fi bands don't have a clue.
Du: We didn't fight through the lo-fi wars of '91 for this to happen.
David: I've got so much vitriol that I would destroy every one of these lo-fi bands. Lo-fi these days is a plug in. It's guys with pro-tools in their bedrooms.
Du: In the old days it had some charm because you knew that these songs were genuinely recorded in someone's bedroom. People now think that making it sound a bit like that will add that charm, but it's so contrived.
Da: I wouldn't actually fight any bands, I would just build a wall and spray paint 'lo-fi' on it, and just smash it with my fists.

R13: What are the main ingredients of fightpop-now-posicore?
John (vocals): Spirit. That's it.
Da: giving your complete all to what you want and how you conduct yourself- but do it in a way that nobody gets hurt. Its the classic Fugazi thing- they encourage people to dance at their shows but not to hit anyone.
J: You can't have fun at the expense of other people because it's idiotic.
Du: And it's macho.
J: And that's the opposite of what we're about...
C: Punching fists in aid of smiles!

R13: What song epitomises your manic sense of playing live?
C: 'Total Eclipse of the Heart'.
Da: 'Walking On Sunshine'. No, seriously! Because in the video its miserable- she's walking around in the rain.
J: But she's walking on sunshine.
Da: No matter how rubbish your life is, if your outlook is as positive and sunny as that, you're going to have a great time. That's what 'Walking On Sunshine' is, and that's what we are!
Du: (Bangs the table in agreement) That was really good! This feels like a political rally!

R13: Is doing what you do as fun as you make it look?
(All): Yes.
Da: No.
C: The gigs are. But all the driving...
J: The more miserable our day is, the more fun we make ourselves on stage.
Du: If you went on tour and things were really tough, then you went on stage going 'oh, things are really tough' then your whole day has been against you. So anything we have control over you just make as fun as you can for yourself. That's selfish, but it just translates to this great shared experience.

R13: John, did your painful experience in Sydney make you reassess your manic onstage persona?
J: Not really no. That should be considered a freak accident. I've hung upside down off lighting rigs before and nearly broken my neck but been absolutely fine, but in Sydney I just stepped off this little stage and smashed my arm into three bits. At first it took a little while to get my confidence back.
Du: On that tour we were all snugged up in the back of the van really close to each other and I pressed a button to undo my seatbelt and the bit of metal just flew up...
J: Hit me right in my elbow. Ten minutes of me breathing heavily having to deal with it.
C: Then there was that place with the wee saloon door backstage and it managed to fly back and smacked him in the arm...
Da: And remember that time when I was breaking into a house, and this crowbar slipped...

R13: Is there a way of condensing 'There Is A Way' into one small digestible idea?
Da: It's called 2010: The worst year of my life.
Du: The year the band broke.
Da: The album rose from the fire of 2010 which was a disaster. And from that terrible time came this great positive album.
Du: The way it was written was in really bad times, but the way it was recorded was us reclaiming those times and reclaiming this band. (Smiles proudly) Fuck, I'm totally on it!

R13: And what else does 2011 have lined up for Dananananaykroyd?
Da: We're playing twenty festivals.
J: Then we're going to Australia.
C: Then we're going to the UK.
Da: Then we're doing a proper album tour after when people have listened more than once... which would be approximately 1.5 more times than the guy who wrote a review for it in Q Magazine.

'There Is A Way' is out now on Pizza College.