We caught up with ex-Rise To Remain drummer and new Funeral For A Friend sticksman Pat Lundy at Warped Tour UK.

R13: Your new single Best Friends & Hospital Beds is released on Monday, what can you tell us about that?
PL: I guess it is more hardcore, there's more direction, the new album is more up-pace. It's good, it's a banger and it has an interesting video as well. I think it's a fair reflection of the album on the whole.

R13: Why was that song chosen as the lead single?
PL: I wasn't really sure what single from the album was going to be released first, but this was suggested to us by management and we all agreed it was a staple track which is why it's the first to be released.

R13: You've recently announced that you'll be releasing your new album in January, what can fans expect to hear on that?
PL: The album is coming out on January 28th, it's more of the same thing, Matt's voice has developed a bit on this record and the song writing has changed quite a lot but all in total it is a fair reflection of where we're all at right now. We love it man, it's a great record.

R13: How does it differ from previous albums?
PL: I don't know, it's more real, it's more in touch with what the band listen to and what they've been into since they were kids. I guess, when you're in a band and you want to make music that sounds like music you grew up listening to, you have to be able to resolve and find middle ground and they've done that with album number six. Everyone seems to be equally happy, not once have I heard someone complain about what's on this record; they just have great ideas for the next one. It's all good, it's all go.

R13: What are your hopes for the new material?
PL: I just want to be able to tour with it for as long as possible, and keep doing it.

R13: What do you think you've brought to the band?
PL: I don't know, I really don't what to say to that.
R13: Don't worry about being modest.

PL: I've toured with the guys before, we always got on, we just gelled from the get go. It was a really easy audition as we all felt it from the first song. It was good, they treat me right, they're a good bunch of guys, so it's all good.

R13: Did you become part of the band because you'd toured with them previously?
PL: Yeah, my old band Rise To Remain had been out with Funeral quite a few times, we shared a bus for a couple of months in Europe. You can know someone for years and years and not really know them until you live with them and people expose who they are and you really get to know them for who they really are, they felt that they could be in a band with me so they gave me a call which is kind of cool.

R13: Do you think the line-up changes have made Funeral a stronger unit?
PL: Yeah, it's not an effort at all. We all get on really well, there's a good vibe in the room. We get to work and it doesn't feel like work, that's the best part about it, my whole job is just fun, we hang out all the time.

R13: I often see online that people are keen to know what the likes of Darran and Gareth are up to, have you stayed in touch with the any of the old members?
PL: I believe Darran teaches in Wales, he does a community type music program for kids, I think he's also in a band but not 100 percent sure. I'm not sure what G's up to, I think he's just working in a normal job, I'm not sure if he pursued anything musical but he could be doing that part time.

R13: You've also announced a UK tour taking place early next year, will that be a showcase of new material or a mixture of your work?
PL: I think we will be trying to play most of the new record if not all of it, and all the classics, so it will be a long set.

R13: Funeral For A Friend are often reported as having a prominent effect on the British music scene, how do you feel to be a part of that?
PL: It's a huge honour, I didn't think I'd get another band this quickly when I left my old band. Having seen Funeral live when I was 13 because I bought a ticket to see them because I loved the record, it is very surreal that I am now a part of it, but I am very happy.

R13: Are there any bands you get a particular kick out of hearing list you as an influence?
PL: It's a tricky one, there's a few on the UK scene. I know that Bury Tomorrow are really into Funeral and have been fans from back in the day. It's weird, I think quite a few bands at some point were into Funeral, we get a lot of love. It's very cool to be in a band, some bands get shat on and we don't seem to see a lot of it. It's always positive.
R13: Which is always a good thing.
PL: Always, keep it positive. PMA.

R13: Who do you list as your influences and can you remember when you first picked up an instrument?
PL: It was my dad and Rage Against The Machine; that was the first show I ever went to, I just wanted to be Brad Wilke. I started going to shows real young, I didn't care about school, I was thick as shit and I just knew I had to be in a band, so I got tattooed on my face and just went for it. There were a couple of tough years though.
R13: It seems to have worked out for you now.
PL: Yeah, you have to take risks that's what life is about and when it pays off it's golden, it's wicked.

R13: Who are you looking forward to watching today?
PL: Breath Carolina, Bring Me The Horizon, Architects, a whole bunch of bands. I want to whizz around the stages and see as much as I can. I'd like to see Bury Tomorrow as well.

R13: What can we expect to see from you over the next 12 months?
PL: A shit load of touring, more videos, just moving onwards and upwards. The album campaign has begun and come January we will be out on the road.

R13:Thanks for you time and have a great day.