Megadeth have been busy working away on their fifteenth studio release, and with a line up change and the promise of something special, the anticipation is growing day by day. Drafted into the recording on this album Mustaine and Ellefson worked with Chris Adler from Lamb Of God on drums and the Brazilian guitarist Kiki Loureiro. We've been teased with snippets and pictures from the studio but now we have full confirmation on what's coming.

Dystopia will be released on 22nd January 2016 via Universal Music. Full tracklisting below:

1. The Threat Is Real
2. Dystopia
3. Fatal Illusion
4. Death From Within
5. Bullet To The Brain
6. Post American World
7. Poisonous Shadows
8. Conquer or Die!
9. Lying In State
10. The Emperor
11. Foreign Policy

Commenting on the new album, Dave Mustaine offered up the following: "There's an excitement right now that I haven't felt for a really long time". Alongside the album details then, the band have also released a new track - LISTEN BELOW!