Easily one of the most anticipated computer games of all time, Death Stranding comes straight from the mind of the legendary Hideo Kojima and within the entire process also comes a very strong soundtrack of which Bring Me The Horizon gladly took up the opportunity to be a part of.

Speaking about their inclusion, Oli Sykes noted "Death Stranding is a game I've been waiting for long before collaborating with them was on the table. Kojima-san is one of the few people I would call a hero to me, so making a track for his first game since Konami was equal parts daunting, stressful & exciting... the whole thing felt surreal, and not right... to be honest I didn't see where a Bring Me The Horizon song was going to fit into an art house AAA game but I was stupid to try and pigeonhole Kojima's style!"

Check out the track, Ludens below: