The final Nightwish show with Tarja Turenen as vocalist was filmed for an up coming DVD and Spinefarm Records have confirmed that this will be released in the first week of June 2006.

The CD and DVD set, ironically titled 'End of an Era', will contain footage of the Nightwish show at the Hartwall arena in Helsinki towards the end of October. Tarja was then fired by the now infamous "open letter", which should you want to, you can reread here

The setlist for the show was as follows:

01. 'Dark Chest Of Wonders'
02. 'Planet Hell'
03. 'Ever Dream'
04. 'The Kinslayer'
05. 'Phantom Of The Opera'
06. 'The Siren'
07. 'Sleeping Sun'
08. 'High Hopes'
09. 'Bless The Child'
10. 'Wishmaster'
11. 'Slaying The Dreamer'
12. 'Kuolema tekee taiteilijan'
13. 'Nemo'
14. 'Ghost Love Score'
15. 'Creek Mary's Blood'
16. 'Over The Hills And Far Away'
17. 'Wish I Had An Angel'