Sorry, even Room Thirteen has a Big Brother related story on its pages!

A quick check of
Will show that the band are certainly going to benefit from the exposure of having Preston in the house.

Guitarist Will has already appeared on London's X FM to talk about his band mate's performance, and can be seen on the mighty fine Soccer AM on Sky Sports tomorrow morning (Saturday 7th).

Apparently the site has had over 100,000 hits since Preston went into the house. His popularity is also strong with bookies as he is currently well placed in the betting at 4 - 1 to win the reality TV show.

Meanwhile there is some music to be mentioned too, while Preston is mixing with the likes of Barrymore, her off Baywatch, that woman who was fired from the FA and that one time basketball player, will told X FM that the rest of the band are working on demo ideas for their next record.