After Craig Nicholl's behavioural problems attracted a lot of animosity to their last album, 'Winning Days', no one expected that The Vines would record again. However after being diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome, Nicholls has got the help he needed and the band are back on track with a new album even in view. The band's third album, 'Vision Valley' will be released on 3rd April, having hit the bottom the band felt that they had nothing to lose with this album, creating 13 new tracks that could take them back to the adoration they received with their debut.

The tracklisting will read as follows:
01. Anysound
02. Nothin's Comin'
03. Candy Daze
04. Vision Valley
05. Don't Listen To The Radio
06. Gross Out
07. Take Me Back
08. Going Gone
09. Fuk Yeh
10. Futuretarded
11. Dope Train
12. Atmos
13. Spaceship