Bloodstock will be back in 2007.

Room Thirteen has the first details of the indoor and open air events.

A statement from the organizers reads:

"Unfortunately, the old rumour mill was doing its rounds at the festival; people speculating that Bloodstock 2007 was not going to happen and that the Indoor
festival is being cancelled to focus purely on the Open Air festival were just two of the things we heard over the weekend. Hopefully these rumours have been put to bed with the announcement of the 2007 festival dates."

These dates are:

Bloodstock Open Air: 6th - 7th July

Bloodstock Indoor: 31st August - 1st September

The first acts have been announced for both:

BOA: Korpiklaani.
Indoor: Blitzkrieg, PowerQuest, Sinner.

Further rumours have been circulating as to who is behind the events, and organizers have this to say:

"The team that has always been behind Bloodstock is still the team behind Bloodstock!!! Of course, as you know we have welcomed the team behind the legendary Wacken Festival on board as partners and this will step us up a gear and give us more pedal to the metal which can only mean bigger and better things for Bloodstock and the UK metal scene in general."

You can find out more about Bloodstock by checking out the event's new

The site includes a feature where unsigned acts can upload their videos to be voted
upon by the public with slots on the bill up for grabs, so if you're in a band, or know of a band who you think would be ideal for Bloodstock, get those submissions in ASAP!

Tickets are on sale now for both BOA and Indoor, and don't forget you can save money if you buy a Supporters pack! Also, all ticket purchases made before 31st December will be at a reduced rate. You will also receive a limited edition exclusive S'tan design t-shirt along with an entry into a prize draw to win the original artwork.