Sick of it All have been forced to cancel their up coming European tour which includes dates here in the UK.

A statement from the band reads:

"Here's the unfortunate news that everybody feared: the European tour has to be cancelled. Even after canceling the U.S. tour with Dropkick Murphys, we don't feel there's enough time for Lou [Koller, vocals] to make a full recovery between now and the start of the European tour in late March. This injury was much worse and the recovery much slower than we expected. Taking this extra time for Lou's back to heal will hopefully mean that the rest of the year won't hold any more nasty surprises like this one.

"We've never had to cancel two tours in a row before, so we feel awful about disappointing our fans and friends. It's definitely a regretful situation. At least we'll be coming back to Europe during festival season in June and July, so we get to see each other again soon. Everybody has been amazingly understanding of the situation, and have sent Lou a lot of well-wishes, we really appreciate it. Thanks for your loyalty."

A compilation of Sick of it All songs recorded by other artists is due out in April. 'Our Impact Will Be Felt' features Rise Against, Bleeding Through and Bouncing Souls amongst others.