Jon Oliva's Pain are back in the studio and want to update fans on their progress. A new album is expected out in January/February 2008 with studio footage and exciting packaging promised as extras.

As for the music itself, the band say:
We have settled on a sort of "theme" already. It's not a concept record (yikes!) but each song will tell a story that binds it all together. It's going to be very dark! Oliva is not a happy man, and he is going to write all about it here. Expect some of the darkest lyrics he has ever written, but messages that are important and real! Experimenting musically a bit more on this record seems logical for us. We all have a great many idea's to add to Oliva's already brilliant songwriting, and we're purposely going to look at anything and everything we can to make these songs as interesting as possible. Oliva's music will always sound like no matter what crazy idea or sound we come up with, the end result will never be sacrificed."

"We are working on a 10 minute opening opus that will clearly set the tone for the rest of the CD. Currently we have 15 working titles, more Criss Oliva riffs to add and massive amounts of arrangements left to do. But the framework is there, and now Oliva, Kevin and I begin the daunting task of sifting through everything we have so far...chopping, dicing, and mixing to achieve another 60 minutes of magic...... You are going to hear some things from Oliva that you probably never heard before."