Evile have been confirmed as one of the bands battling it out for world domination via your tv set at this year's Metal Hammer GET IN THE RING, which will be aired on Rockworld TV over the Christmas period.

GET IN THE RING will take place on December 11th at the London Kentish town Forum.

Joining Evile will be Engel, Goat The Head and Viking Skull

Earlier this year Zico Chain, Turisas and Breed 77 were beaten by Deathstars.

The bands will battle it out in a boxing ring stage to be crowned the second Get in the Ring champions.

Matt Drake singer and guitarist of Evile states:

"Evile are about to set off to tibet to train with fighting heavy metal monks and upon our return to the UK for GET IN THE RING we will be ready to unleash our skills and a whirlwind of thrash metal violence upon the other bands and the judges, we will be more evil than skeletor, wiser than splinter, faster than cheetara and harder than inspector gadget!! so prepare yourselves for a multitude of speed metal figure fours, F-5's and tombstones but without spandex and body wax. The countdown starts now, and we will be the last band standing, so all evile fans make sure you vote for us and give us the best christmas presents possible - get in the ring winners and the humiliation of other bands!!!! GET IN THE FUCKING RING!!"

There will be 125 tickets to this event available to hardcore Evile fans through the
Evile myspace page tickets are only available to people aged 16 and over.