"We are now formally announcing that the band will not be continuing to work together as Capdown after the October 2007 tour. After completing our last, and best, album in 2007, we have all decided that we want to explore other experiences in life, outside the band unit.”

That was the statement which appeared on the band’s website at the end of August, confirming the news that, after ten years together, Capdown would be no more.

For many, first news of the band’s split came at the Carling Weekend. Reading and Leeds has been an annual highlight for both band and fans, but this time round it was nothing short of mind blowing. During their set, singer/sax player Jake proclaims that some of his fondest memories of playing in a band come from the Lock Up tent; that's all the crowd needed to spur them on even further. Read a review and see pictures

Reflecting on the end of an era, reviewer Andy Latham points out that “they have gone out at the top of their game. They remain one of the best live bands I've seen since I started doing live reviews & in the 5 or 6 times I've seen them in the last 3 years I've not once seen them come even close to doing a duff gig.”

2007 began with the release of the album ‘Wind Up Toys’ and a tour of the same name to promote it. Their return also welcomed newcomer Eddie (Keyboards/samples) to the band.

The ‘Wind Up Toys’ album is reviewed
here with their appearance in Manchester in February
reviewed here.

At the time Andy Latham wrote: “Capdown continue to fly the flag for 'real' bands, happy to acknowledge their influences but determined to go their own way they straddle the genres of ska and punk effortlessly. As Jake reminds us some critics have labeled ska punk as a 'crime against music' and where some of the weaker US bands of that ilk are concerned they may have a point, but I defy anyone to make that claim after they've heard Capdown! Tonight Capdown are on fire and easily reaffirm their position as one of the best live bands in the country.”

In the decade they were together, Capdown released thee albums, ‘Civil Disobedients’, ‘Pound for the Sound’ and ‘Wind Up Toys’, as well as a number of highly regarded EPs like ‘Act Your Rage’ and ‘New Revolutionaries’, which were their first releases for Fierce Panda Records.

Some may suggest that the final tour saw a handing over of the political ska punk baton, as Capdown had the fantastic King Blues as support. This tour was the classic you’d expect, however their farewell doesn’t seem to have gone to plan, with licensing issues meaning they first planned to do two Milton Keynes dates instead of the one, and then the gigs were scrapped all together: a disappointing end to a great year, which completed an excellent decade for the band.

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