Manchester-based electro outfit The Whip have enjoyed a strong rise throughout 2007.

The band consists of one-time Nylon Pylon members Bruce Carter and Danny Saville, along with bass player Nathan Sudders and drummer Lil Fee.

A series of singles, remixes and tracks appearing on compilation albums has seen their fan base grow, with the Whip joining the likes of Hadouken and Late of The Pier on tour throughout the year. We caught them at two festivals this year, Camden Crawl where Andy Reilly described them as “Bloody brilliant, band of The Crawl for this reviewer” and Rock Ness.

At Camden Crawl they were one of a number of acts who played on both nights, the first an early evening set and the second, an extremely sweaty after hours show at the Barfly.

Andy Reilly: “The Whip were outstanding. You want to know how outstanding? Their first gig was so impressive that this reviewer caught them on the second night of the Crawl too, making sure some other people tagged along as well. They were equally impressed.”

While we’re on the subject of the heat, the second night provided us with one character to be laughed at above all others: a guy who stood still (which is daft in such an environment anyway) and wore his anorak, yep anorak, with pride for the whole gig!

The music was memorable too, flashes of Kraftwerk, Joy Division, New Order and Daft Punk all make up what The Whip do. Read more about their Camden Crawl gigs

Onto Rock Ness, where a combination of lethal cocktails the night before, and pre-festival stage time publicity that left something to be desired, meant that any lesser band would have been one to look at briefly while you got your bearings. Not The Whip, who
this review demanded were the new band to see above all others in 2007

‘Sister Siam’, ‘Divebomb’ and ‘Frustration’ are three tracks that gain much love when the band plays live, the latter
reviewed here, has the line “it’s cold outside” that when belted out, creates a buzz to rival any stadium rock chorus.

The Whip’s debut album has been eagerly awaited for months, not least at this very website. Sometime in the Spring is when we’re to get it, and on the strength of what we’ve seen and heard of them, if it’s as good as it should be, expect to read about it in the R13 album review of 2008.

The Whip have lined up a few dates with Simian Mobile Disco in a months time.

Catch them at one of these:

31, Oxford Zodiac

1, Sheffield Plug
2, Bristol Thekla
6, Leeds Cockpit
7, Manchester Academy 3
8, Newcastle Digital
9, Glasgow Arches
12, Brighton Digital

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