Yes, those lovely people in advertising have decided to put Alt/rockers The Crimea's song, 'Loop A Loop' as the soundtrack to the quirky advert for Trident Chewing Gum.

The advert depicts a guy doing all kinds of weird and wonderful things in a world that could only have been concieved in the mind of someone hooked on prescription drugs...Of the advert, drummer Owen Hopkins was quick to suggest that it was fitting as it is, "happily leftfield and quirky which suits the song down to the ground!".

The song 'Loop A Loop' can be found on the band's second album, 'Secrets Of The
Witching Hour' which was released last year. 'Loop A Loop' is to be released as a single, and will include 12 remixes (yes, you read that right!) and 3 b-sides. All of this absolutely
free from the band's website.

This is of course the second time that the band have been this generous, having already made 'Secrets Of The Witching Hour' free to download a couple of months before the CD was available in 2007.

The band recently played live in Republic Of Ireland for the 'Other Voices' series, which Owen was quick to point out that this was no Irish version of the popular spooky show whereby a screaming girl and a Scouser with an 'Imaginery' friend called Sam can be found (Note: This is my poetic version of what he said, just in case he throws a drumstick in my eye when he get's sued), but in fact a live event whereby the band played along side the likes of Super Furry Animals and Ryan Adams. The show is available in Ireland this link, but won't be available until September for the rest of us due to copyright laws...Boo!

Finally, check out the band live this Friday (22nd)as they play London's Borderline
for the Howdy-Do? Festival along side Frank Hamilton and Mathew Sawyer.