So exactly where are we at with the various rumours and counter rumours flying around concerning Velvet Revolver?

Slash has been speaking to Radio 1, and this is the most recent comment regarding their future, and those Zep stories.

Following Velvet Revolver’s Glasgow gig last week, speculation has mounted that their days were numbered, thanks largely to Scott Weiland apparently telling fans they were "watching something special ... the last tour by Velvet Revolver..

Slash has however denied that this was the case. He went on to talk about the band thinking ahead to the next album, in response to the story suggesting they were in line to support Led Zeppelin, should they tour.

Slash said: "I think as far as Zeppelin doing a tour, that remains to be seen. I saw Robert last night [Saturday, March 22] and he's got his solo thing going on and as far as Velvet Revolver is concerned, we've got another record to do and we're not even thinking about that."