Those hard working alt/rockers, The Crimea are due to release another single off of their second album, ‘Secrets Of The Witching Hour’, entitled, ‘48a Waiting Steps’. It will be available online from 9th June, where there is also a Limited Edition Vinyl (you know the old fashioned things that were like big black CD’s) which includes hand-written lyrics. The video for this has just been completed with the band’s good friend Julian Ledlin and apparently features, “…canals, cars and smashed guitars…” Excellent.

Not satisfied with that, the band are also going to be playing at The Enterprise in Camden for four nights through April, May and June under the title of, ‘Starship Enterprise’ (see what they’ve done there?!) whereby they will be showcasing a number of new songs, which include, ‘How To Make You Laugh’ which is now up on the band’s MySpace page.

Tour and single details:

30th April - The Enterprise Camden
14th May - The Enterprise Camden
28th May - The Enterprise Camden
9th June - The Enterprise Camden
tickets: or