Brian May has missed out on taking over Planet Rock after the digital-only radio
station was sold to an unnamed company.

The Queen guitarist had hoped to buy the station himself following the announcement from previous owner Gcap Media that the classic rock station was set for close. However earlier this week May announced via his blog that Planet Rock had been sold to a "third party".

He wrote: "Our chaps have been pressing on with GCap's lawyers, finalising the arrangements, the principles having been agreed a few weeks ago, but, out of the blue, we heard a rumour that someone else was involved, and this morning someone 'unofficially'
confirmed that rumour.”

"Planet Rock is now out of reach. All I can say is I'm shocked and hugely disappointed... We have no idea if the people who have bought Planet Rock plan to keep it running or not. I guess we can just hope that it will still be 'saved', but without us..."