Many anew release for the next few weeks will be full of hit singles fans of those artists will own already. Far be it for us to say words like ‘Christmas’, ‘Cash’ and ‘In’!

Frank Turner however will be satisfying the demand for songs which haven’t made it onto either of his albums, with a collection titled ‘The First Three Years’.

Aside from the two albums to his name as a solo artist, Frank has Eps, split singles and, for want of a better term, odds and sods that have been floating around the net.

Search no more Frank Turner fans, December 1 is when this little lot will be out:


1. ‘The Real Damage’ taken From The XMR Single Session split 7" with Reuben - Jan06

From ‘Campfire Punk Rock’ EP May 06
2. ‘Nashville Tennessee’
3. ‘Thatcher Fucked The Kids’
4. ‘This Town Ain't Big Enough For The One Of Me’
5. ‘Casanova Lament’
6. ‘I Really Don't Care What You Do On Your Gap Year’

Split 10" with Jonah Matranga, June 06
7. ‘The Outdoor Type’
8. ‘You Are My Sunshine’

‘Real Damge’ EP, May 07
9. ‘Sea Legs’
10. ‘Back To Sleep’
11. ‘Sunshine State’
12. ‘Heartless Bastard Motherfucker’

‘Softcore Tour’ CD September 07
13. ‘Pay To Cum’: Bad Brains cover
14. ‘Fix Me’: Black Flag cover

‘Love, Ire and Song’ recording session: (previously released with love ire & song as a digital exclusive to 7digital)
15. ‘Hold Your Tongue’
16. ‘Front Crawl’
17. ‘Jet Lag (Rock)’

‘Truck Sessions’ June 08
18. ‘Photosynthesis’
19. ‘Worse Things Happen At Sea’
20. ‘Imperfect Tense’

Previously Unreleased Covers:
21. ‘The District Sleeps Alone Tonight’ (Postal Service)
22. ‘Smiling At Strangers On Trains’ (Million Dead)
23. ‘Dancing Queen’ (Abba)

Previously unreleased demo
24. ‘Longing For The Day’