Well as predicted, day three of SXSW music festival started with the short walk over the road to the Aussie BBQ, which is often one of the most eagerly awaited day parties here. This is the perfect event for popping in and out all day to see some of the bands from down under and not just for the free Aussie beer that they bring with them. Red Riders blend of indie rock was a good way to kick the day off. Also seen here throughout the day were The Grates, who once again put on a fun performance showcasing the impressive second album, which sadly no UK label has picked up the rights to yet, despite the fact that, on the bands last visit to the UK they were selling out venues like London’s Kings College, this is a travesty.

Also watched during the day were The Proclaimers inside the convention centre, playing an acoustic set as their band “preferred to stay in rainy Scotland”. Good to see that the boys are still going strong, even if their classic songs seem to have slowed down as they get older. Just before the brothers started I got to say hello to Scroobius Pip and talk about the possibilities of promotion for Millwall FC, for those interested we both came to the agreement things are looking good but not holding our breath. Before Proclaimers, got to see Juliette Lewis live with her new band, which after meeting her in the hotel lobby I promised I would and think she has made a good bold move in moving away from The Licks. Juliette is one of those rare breeds of actors and actresses that can actually front a band well and always gives everything to the show.

Then it was off to Radio Room for a nice treat of Ra Ra Riot outside immediately followed by Future of the Left indoors. Ra Ra Riot was packed and have now grown so much since watched here last year and they did not disappoint either playing a great set of songs from their debut album. Future of the Left also played a superb set getting the crowd going and laughing, with a set equally split between songs from ‘Curses’ and new stuff too, which based on these two live gigs here is going to be one hell of an album when it comes out later this year. Prince Harry, Scottish people, the word Aluminum and the whole fahrenheit system all got slated in the short set.

Also seen during the day shows were Little Boots, Mumford and Sons, The Mae Shi and School of Seven Bells, who once again put on great shows. Sadly for School of Seven Bells their official showcase later that evening was hit with technical problems but we here had seen enough to know what this band are really like.

So to the evening and to start off it was a short walk to Stubbs to see how long the line was to get in for Metallica, or was it for Silversun Pickups who were also playing? Anyway, it was crazy long, hope those without badges who had been there all day managed to get in, they deserve to. By all accounts the 80 minute set was a storming one based on their hits and also included the rare ‘Breadfan’.

So instead it was a long walk to La Zona Rosa for a Scottish music night to see Dananananaycroyd one last time who, after a slow start, had the crowd loving them by the end, especially when they did the “Wall of Cuddles”. Go see them on their UK tour in April to see what that is. Then thanks to a ride back to 6th Street, thank you Mrs Moon, and an aborted attempt to see Future of the Left’s official showcase as the line was just too long, which was good for them, instead it was up on to the rooftop of Wave to see San Francisco’s Scissors For Lefty. This tiny patio was jam packed but great to see a fun set from one of the bands that impressed at last years event.

Whilst making my way to Emo’s Jr to see The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, I got to overhear Black Cobra in a venue opposite. For those who failed to get to see Metallica should have been here, they sounded real metal, also from San Francisco and will be well worth checking again but time is running out. The Pains Are another one of those bands that are getting hyped up in a big way but live we agreed they were no match for School of Seven Bells and our very own Little Boots. Lead singer, Kip, dressed as if he was in a Britpop band did get the crowd laughing by realising he was using the word awesome far too much just as the drum kit collapsed, which was “not awesome”.

It was then off to next door in El Sol Y La Luna to see the legend that is Melissa Auf Der Maur, who had an amazing, if far too short set in a tiny venue. ‘Followed the Waves’ was certainly one of the highlights here.

Finally to finish the evening off it was off to see Nico Vega and Semi Precious Weapons play next to each other on the bill. With only one real day of SXSW to go, Nico Vega have been by far and away my band of the week, with all three times I have seen them this week they have kept things fresh and with their spontaneous stage show so very enjoyable, the campaign to get these three over to the UK officially starts now. With the show over running quite badly, Semi Precious Weapons just used their friends, Nico Vega’s drum kit and very quickly started their amazing fun set. Possible that lead singer, Justin, cut back on some of his usual antics this time due to the time restraints but none the less this band have always put on one of the best shows with their glam rock style.

As promised we would try to find out how Frank Carters hand was and in true Gallows style it was fine. In quite possibly one of the most surreal moments of SXSW, members of Razorlight joined Frank and co in the mosh pit. One moment that was quite funny was when Frank Carter decided to mention that America now had a decent president, which one local took offence to, with George W Bush being a Texan he is still held in a high regard here by quite a few. This local and our very own Mr Carter then settled it in the most gentlemanly ways and no surprises who won.

Another mixed bag of entertainment is in store for Saturday. With the Rachel Ray day party at Maggie Mae’s to kick things off, should be some good food here from one of Americas finest young chefs. There is also a great selection of bands playing too!

Get your next SXSW fix on Sunday evening.