So it has now been a week since SXSW packed up for another year and time to reflect back on what was once again the best weeks worth of music you can have anywhere in the world. The people of Austin are so lucky. Before doing so we better recap the very minor events of the Sunday, the official final day.

If on the Monday and Tuesday before SXSW there is a tinge of excitement of the imminent start of the festival then sadly Sunday is like the hangover after a party where your guests hang around a bit longer than wanted. Why on earth do they actually bother claiming the Sunday as an official day when only two venues hold not very exciting official showcases is something that should be looked in to. These bands would have done better if it was on the night before SXSW started and not on the Sunday.

We did get to check out some of the bands playing, the majority of which were from Texas, with only Wolves In The Throne Room with their full on trance / black metal set impressing. This band from Washington State are currently touring everywhere in the states but no hint of popping over. In honesty the lure of hot tub and marguerites was too much to resist by the end.

As always, my thanks go to the now christened R13 team, Zoë Moon and Rob Bailey, for their exceptional help throughout the week.

So a brief recap of the five days in the sun, in the way of awards, which should be noted that some of the days are a little hazy.

Band of the Week: Nico Vega

Best one off set: Silversun Pickups @ Antones

Biggest surprise for being better than expected: The Airborne Toxic Event

Best moment of the week: Justin Tranter of Semi Precious Weapons getting us in to Rachel Ray’s party via the window.

Best moment during a show by a band: Danananaykroyd chalking around the “dead” members on the floor / doing the “Wall of Cuddles” to the unsuspecting American audience.

Best local band seen: Ume

Favourite previously unknown band accidentally stumbled across playing live: The Temper Trap / Black Cobra

Biggest regret missing: Metallica @ Stubbs / Star Fucking Hipsters

Person wanting to fight with stage, light fittings and any Bush lover: Frank Carter, Gallows

Finally, best gift handed to a band: Box of Jaffa Cakes to Future of the Left by the R13 team.

Bands that impressed not previously mentioned in no particular order

Sky Larkin

Future of the Left

Fighting With Wire

Ra Ra Riot

Nell Bryden

The Grates

Red Cortez

The Proclaimers

For those interested, it all starts again on 17th March 2010