After the hoax Twitter message a couple of weeks back stating Guns and Roses wouldn't be playing Reading and Leeds festivals, the organisers may well be wishing they hadn't!

Axl Rose and chums headlined Reading on Saturday night and Leeds on Sunday and as we've come to expect neither went without incident. Allegedly after being told that they would not get paid if they took to the stage more than an hour late, Rose and band left it 58 minutes before beginning their set at Reading. This of course meant that the set ran over time, resulting in the organisers pulling the plug when it ran past the curfew time. The band continued to play without amplification and Rose using a megaphone.

Before their Leeds set the following day Rose demanded an apology from the organisers. They then came on half an hour late and again were told to stop when they ran over time.

It seems everyone is getting rather fed up with Mr Rose and his continual histrionics. Lost Prophets guitarist Mike Lewis had the following to say: "It's disrespectful to all the other bands. It's disrespectful to all the people who've bought tickets. I think the guy is a joke and I think his band is a joke"