Chickenhawk announce that they are changing their name with immediate effect to Hawk Eyes.

They have issued this statement about the change:

"When we named our band Chickenhawk after the book by Robert Mason, we never really, like most bands probably, thought things would go as far as they have done for us!," explains singer Paul. "So, only now that we have a possible US and European release of Modern Bodies forthcoming, a new album being recorded in March and us trying to get our own website up, it's appeared that we can't get certain rights and/or any of the domain names we wanted to for Chickenhawk!! Frustrating, but, these are the breaks! So with no further delay, we have simply chosen to drop the Chicken, move Hawk to the front and add Eyes! Simple! Everything stays the same."

The band are to start recording a new album this month at Ghost Town in Leeds with Ross Halden.

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