Beauty Bar on the final night of SXSW was the scene for Death From Above 1979 comeback gig and the small outdoor marquee venue soon filled up leaving a lot of unhappy people outside. The result was the chain link fence being dragged down, a stand-off with those inside and finally mounted police arriving to stop the riot before it got too much out of control.

Our correspondent, Rob Bailey, managed to gain access, legitimetly we would like to point out and has just sent this short recap of the events:

dfa 1979 just absolutely slayed south by south west. had everything - a riot, people dragging down the fences, police horses, playing 'do it', people getting maced, a brutal 'little girl', the band almost getting arrested and the police stopping the gig, 'dead womb', pretty much everything off 'your a women...'. complete and utter madness, absolutely fucking insane. what a week...

This Youtube video shows the chaos outside, including the fence coming down.