Trent Reznor has announced details of the full tracklisting to the soundtrack of the American remake of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.

The soundtrack, which has been composed by Reznor and acclaimed composer/producer Atticus Ross, will be released on December 9. The soundtrack will be over three hours in length and contain 39 tracks.

As well as containing a cover of Led Zeppelin's 'Immigrant Somg', which features Karen O, there will also be a cover of Bryan Ferry;s 'Is Your Love Strong Enough'

The tracklisting of the soundtrack is as follows:

'Immigrant Song'
'She Reminds Me of You'
'People Lie All the Time'
'Pinned and Mounted'
'What If We Could?'
'With the Flies'
'Hidden in Snow'
'A Thousand Details'
'One Particular Moment'
'I Can't Take It Anymore'
'How Brittle the Bones'
'Please Take Your Hand Away'
'Cut Into Pieces'
'The Splinter'
'An Itch'
'Under the Midnight Sun'
'You're Here'
'The Same as the Others'
'A Pause for Reflection'
'While Waiting'
'The Seconds Drag'
'Later Into the Night'
'Parallel Timeline With Alternate Outcome'
'Another Way of Caring'
'A Viable Construct'
'Revealed in the Thaw'
'We Could Wait Forever'
'Great Bird of Prey'
'The Heretics'
'A Pair of Doves'
'The Sound of Forgetting'
'Of Secrets'
'Is Your Love Strong Enough?'