March is here, which means it's time for Mothers Day, Easter, spring and most importantly - my birthday. So to celebrate all of these (especially the latter) we need a cool band to rock our socks off and we have found the perfect band in the form of Kenelis.

Mel Sanson, front woman of Kenelis, kindly took the time to answer our questions:

The Kenelis Move EP, produced by Chris Coulter (Arcane Roots) was released on 10th December 2012. 'This is the best thing I've ever done' Mel Sanson proudly declares. Since moving to Brighton in 2011 Mel has teamed up with some of the best local talent fusing Hard Rock, Punk Rock, Metal and Grunge to create a Power House EP of hard hitting riffs and ear pleasing melodies. Lyrics are about sticking it to the man, women or whoever; Move is a no nonsense, honest reflection of Mel's love for music, rants about life and decision to leave her hometown to start Kenelis again in Brighton.

So far the bands career has included sharing the stage with the likes of Reuben, You Me at Six, The Blackout, Fightstar, Ghost of a Thousand and The Levellers (Mark Chadwick). Exposure includes MTV USA, Student TV, XFM, Total Rock Radio Metal Head Radio and various national and international Radio stations.

Kenelis have played various Festivals including 3 consecutive years on the famous Rock Sound Cave at Guilfest. Kenelis have played numerous UK Pride Festivals including London, Nottingham, Brighton, Cardiff, Bristol, Birmingham, Derby, and Sheffield, and as far afield as Toronto Pride. Kenelis have also played some of the most established London venues including the 100 club, IndigO2, Relentless Garage, Borderline, Monto Water Rats, Jamm, 229 and The Cobden Club.

Magazine features include Rocksound Magazine, Big Cheese Magazine, Viva Le Rock, Diva & G3 as well as well known online zines Room Thirteen, God is In The TV and Alt Sounds.

Kenelis have been winners of London's highly acclaimed Feed Me Music's band of the month. Other success includes; NMT band of the year and G3 magazines band of the year.

Other Projects: Mel Sanson is a performer and vocalist in The L Project, a charity single that reached number 10 in the Official Independent UK Chart raising thousands of pounds for Stonewall and Diversity Role Models.

Kenelis is Mel Sanson - Lead Vocals, Guitar
In session with
Guitars, Backing Vocals: Kai Smith (February 2012 - current) and Jack Rowan (November 2012 - current)
Bass, Backing Vocals: Tristian Hall (February 2012 - current)
Drums: Ryan Holt (February 2012 - current) and Matt Coello (September 2012 - current)

Guns N Roses
Biffy Clyro
Rise Against
Billy Talent
Stevie Nicks
Patti Smith...

Sounds Like:
Hard Rock, Punk Rock, Metal, Grunge and hard hitting riffs and ear pleasing melodies

Current release and where it's available:
Move (10th December 2012)
Fake (Release date 6th June 2011)
Remember How It Felt (Release date: 26th January 2009)
We released EP Move in December 2012 and 2 album releases previous to this. All our music is available in physical format on our website
You can download the first single Jealous from our second album on there for free!
All music is also available on iTunes and all major download sites.

Up and coming artists you would recommend:
Arcane Roots - Biffy's little brother with their own unique sound. They covered Smells Like Teen Spirit on the Kerrang Nirvana CD when all the other bands Kerrang asked were afraid of it. Well it was the last to be chosen and quite an intimidating task. I'll be honest, when I first listened I was ready to hate it being a big Nirvana fan. I absolutely loved it! They really put their own spin. So much so I told their producer Chris Coulter and he ended up producing our EP. They're getting lots of press in all the big magazines but they're still underrated in my opinion.

Joan Ov Arc - They're all female and their music is pure rock n roll joy! All super talented and the first all girl band to have their own original song featured on the X Box Rock band game. They know the meaning of sisterhood and always up for helping out other artists. Watch this space, Kenelis and Joan Ov Arc have plans...

Future Plans:
We just played a MTV Unplugged style show with Cello and wrote some great new tracks for it, so next up will be a more chilled atmospheric EP. After that I'm thinking maybe a little mathematical screamo. I'm not even joking, I love alternative music so much why not do an EP per genre I like! Fuck it!

Tour Dates:
We've got some UK shows coming up this year which I can't announce just yet but soon. We're also planning a Tour in Europe later in the year. All in the booking stages at the moment but keep up to date by signing up to or follow @kenelis @melsanson on twitter to hear it first :)

If you were the prime minister for one day, what would you do:
I'd get rid of the smoking ban so people wouldn't have to keep walking in and out of venues when watching bands. I'd massively reduce the tax on alcohol so live music venues wouldn't be closing and festivals wouldn't be cancelled because everyone would be able to afford to go out. Then to make up for the deficit of all of this I'd legalise weed. Tax weed. Our tourism industry would explode and kids won't have to buy from dealers, who are the actual true gateway to harder drugs, not the drugs themselves.

If you could go back to any time in history, where would you go and why:
I'd watch all the bands that I missed from being too young. I can and have see some of them now and that's great and everything, but I'm gutted I missed them at their peak. There's so many that I'll never see so a time travelling band wagon would rock - all aboard!

Is there anything you would like to say to our readers:
Yes, please keep supporting live music. Music sales are pretty much ruined and those of you that buy music are amazing but rare. That's why we always make an effort with the artwork. You lose a lot of quality with MP3's too so I think physical CD's are better. I'm old school like that. Going to see a show is so important to keep our music scene going. It's a big deal to me when fans come and see us live. It means a lot. Big love to everyone that supports original music. Online, in person, in your ears, any shape or form if you support bands and love music you rock!

Our thanks to Mel. Hopefully when David Cameron and George Osborne read this they will take note at the cheaper alcohol and legalise weed comment!

To finish off, here's a video of Mel and Kenelis in action, giving a sample of the pleasures from their Move EP.