Geezer Butler is infamous for his trailblazing bass guitar genius as a founder member of Black Sabbath.

'Ohmwork' is the first release from Geezer Butlers band G/Z/R since their 1997 album 'Black Science'. After 'Black Science' Geezer took to the stage after a hiatus of twenty years as part of the reformed
Black Sabbath on a hugely celebrated tour, before beginning the writing process for 'Ohmwork'.This new studio album shows that Geezer is at the very forefront of metal, 'Ohmwork' is full of fantastically gripping songs tied together with crunchingly angry riffs.

'Ohmwork' will be released on 18th April 2005.

Geezer will also be appearing with Black Sabbath at Download Festival 2005.