Death From Above 1979

Death from Above 1979's stage setup is possible an omen of what's to come this evening; with a drum set positioned sideways to the audience, a bass guitar and a small synthesizer, you know this band isn't going to be writing music you would hear everyday. The day you do hear this band though, is definitely going to be a great one.

As the drummer and vocalist takes to the stage closely followed by the bassist, the crowd looks on with anticipation and is put into stunned silence. At first this is due to the sheer amount of noise this duo can make. After the original shock has passed everyone is able to enjoy the blend of impressively heavy bass lines and ferocious drum beats that no one in the vicinity can resist tapping their foot too.

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This duet could be described as the love child of a foursome between the White Stripes, Muse, dance music and meaty rock with their infectious tunes. They seem to be comfortable enough performing live, with moments that might have been mistakes, but aren't apparent to a first time listener. However, Death from Above 1979 go down a storm with the audience, especially one eager fan on the balcony who, at the sight of the drummer's naked back screams "Hey sexy I want to have your babies." Comments like this are taken in good humour and the crowd participation is more than what you would expect of the average opening band; but as the instruments are quickly packed away and the musicians rushed off to play at a bar down the road, it's obvious that with that kind of dedication and hardwork this band will be accepted with open arms by all who come across them.

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