Hard to Fault

Having won the coveted Kerrang! award for ‘Best British Newcomer’ this year, Newcastle five-piece yourcodenameis:milo are certainly one of the biggest bands to grace the minute stage at Josephs Well, Leeds, in recent memory. There are around 500 people crammed into the tiny room tonight, in anticipation of one of the most innovative new rock acts in the UK today.

Playing through a mixture of tracks from this year’s mini-album All Roads to Fault and next year’s upcoming full-length debut, yourcodenameis:milo’s intriguing and insanely loud blend of hardcore, alt-rock and emo is sounding good. ‘First Mater Responds’ and ‘Iron Chef’ in particular get the crowd going, and the band members themselves seem to be very much into the music. A few technical hitches arise, but the roadies are soon on the case and within a minute the show’s back on the road. It’s a decent performance, but it never really kicks off until, towards the end, ‘milo play their debut single ‘All Roads to Fault’.

But when they do, it really does kick off.

The crowd goes nuts, screaming the vocals along with singer Paul Mullen, as the band jump and dive about the crowded stage. From then on, yourcodenameis:milo power through the remaining songs, causing everyone in the venue to forget about the slightly slow start.

As ‘milo leave the stage, their fans seem very impressed – and rightly so. Already with three singles under their belt and a large UK following, this time next year yourcodenameis:milo will be huge. If they’re not, it’s the biggest travesty to music in recent history.