Talk about going into a gig with preconceptions. Kram, opening for Kerrang’s official Best British Newcomers yourcodenameis:Milo, were the first band I ever played with, when my three-piece supported them back in 2002. That was an awfully long time ago and, as evidenced tonight, they have certainly come a long way.

The Leeds trio sound like the spawn of a hyper-charged Muse and Biffy Clyro, wailing majestically while thrashing out dirty chords. Bass player James Wall pounds around the stage like a lunatic, while singer/guitarist Simon Elvin rocks out in front of the microphone, still managing to retain a hell of a tune. It’s not hard to see how this local band has managed to claim such a prolific support slot.

Following the gig, it’s clear that Kram know how impressive they were tonight. Afterwards, stood outside the tour bus with two members of yourcodenameis:milo, I congratulate the excellent Newcastle alt-rockers on their performance. Kram’s bassist approaches me: “I’ll tell you what, though,” he says, “that Kram were good as well, weren’t they?” It’s impossible to say no. I arrived expecting the same young, inexperienced sound as that day in the spring of 2002. Instead, I was greeted with an accomplished rock act – a very pleasant surprise.