Sepultura – Southampton Guildhall

Sepultura have been through the ringer somewhat but in light of what has happened in the past (I won’t patronise anybody, you know the situation by now) after biting back with critical acclaim from their latest album Roorback, it is difficult to be sure if the Sep’s distinct sound will transfer to the stage.

Frontman Derrick Green is a man mountain with vocals to match; as the band rip through “Apes Of God” you realise that Green is going to have the crowd in the palm of his hand. The Seps do pull out new single “Mindwar” but the set is composed of old material including the rare “Desperate Cries” and the even rarer “Escape To The Void” from the album Schizophrenia.

Andreas Kisser is an underrated guitarist for sure, and as rhythm section Paulo Pinto and Igor Cavelera pound out their own unique brand of tribal, latino grooves its obvious they don’t come a dime-a-dozen like other metal bands.

Highlights of the set are from the more infamous albums such “Territory” and “Arise“ and when you think it can’t get any better the band close on “Roots Bloody Roots” in which the Southampton crowd proceed to go absolutely bonkers, bouncing to the distinct rhythm and singing en masse. If you ever been a critic of Sepultura seeing them live will make you eat words. An incredible set the only downside is the desire for more.