What goes ‘Rah’ and plays guitar at loud volumes? Nightmare Visions of course.

Nightmare Visions are the kind of uncontrollable band that would probably be better suited to a larger and more prominent festival. They display an abundance of talent and their music fills the huge void within the Colours Bar. With the total absence of atmosphere its lucky there's something to fill the giant void. They're not big, they're probably not the brightest sparks to have ever walked the earth, but at least they're putting some effort into their set.

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Their music is much what you'd expect from a band playing under the name of Nightmare Visions- unrefined metal that begs for attention from anyone prepared to listen. This isn't the type of music you rave about for weeks afterwards, or even minutes, but whilst Nightmare Visions are playing, their music does its job- the perfect accompaniment to a pint and the perfect sound to nod your head to.

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