Stormwarrior entertain with both the old and the new

A set from Stormwarrior is enough to get any true battle metal fan's mouth watering, but the addition of Kai Hansen? That would just be amazing. Many a Helloween fan must have thought they were dreaming at the announcement of the addition of Kai Hansen for a special Helloween set and luckily for those who appreciate his music, the dreams became reality.

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Obviously however their is more to the set, although some may not believe it, than Kai Hansen and Stormwarriors own material shines through as enjoyably and proficient in its own right. Their blasting battle metal tunes like 'The Axe Wielder' and 'Thor The Thunderer' get the crowd going and with the addition of some supreme windmilling action from the band themselves the first half of the set has a real energy and power to it that manages to excite even some of those who are not a fan of the bands style.

Of course what people are really waiting for it the opportunity to see Kai Hansen that is proved by the massive response when he strides on stage grinning like a loon midway through the band's set, and it is certainly his part that makes up the better half of the Stormwarrior set. It was evident he knows the audience wants to see him, and he used this to maximum effect, entertaining the audience with both his repute and skill without coming off as too cocky. Blasting through Helloween classics the already enthused audience reaction can only be described as fervour by the addition of Kai and his genre-setting vocal styles. It is definitely the Helloween tunes that get the warmest reception from the crowd although this is no slight on Stormwarrior's own tracks, which were still cheered very heartily indeed.

Overall this is an enjoyably set and goes down a treat with the Bloodstock crowd although it gives me cause to wonder if the reception would have been quite so enthused if it had not been for the addition of Kai. Nonetheless the band put in a sterling effort and reaped the rewards for doing so.

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