The Black Velvets: Seeing is believing!

Although seemingly packed beyond health and safety regulations, the Metro doesn't really look as though it's going to be the host of something special tonight. The people gathered look as though they're simply out for a drink rather than to watch a band surrounded by mystery- and rave reviews. The Black Velvets are the kind of sleazy rock and roll band that takes no shit from anyone. Their music, highly refined and expertly delivered, defies their youthful faces. Sounding almost like a grittier Foo Fighters with more of a kick, they're a wonderful band to watch for the simple reason that whilst on stage they have as good a time as those assembled to watch them. Their drummer's blissful smile as he simultaneously pounds out muscular rhythms and sings into his microphone sums up the passion The Black Velvets feel for what they do.

With only the guitarist excluded from vocal duties, The Black Velvets convey a feeling of closeness about their music. There's also a strong artery of dramatic brilliance pulsating through this four piece and their dynamic music which you can't fail to take note of. Their lead singer thrashes around whilst spitting out vocals that sound like so many other bands, yet refuse to be categorised. They may have that sleazy sound hinted at by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, but The Black Velvets somehow manage to polish this into a slick, stylised chaos that cries out to be noticed- and adored.

As previously mentioned in an R13 review of The Velvets, there isn't all that much different about this band, but the way they carry themselves onto stage complete with matching leather jackets before rocking out with as much energy as they can muster, simply amazes. The Black Velvets have earned their cult following fair and square. At the forefront of tonight's crowd is a drunken individual wearing a rather eccentric bandanna. Shouting out declarations of The Black Velvet's greatness, he clearly understands in his drunken wisdom just how a band such as this are needed right now. As the audience grabs another drink and discusses the spectacular they've just witnessed, there is nothing but compliments to be heard. The Black Velvets simply have to be seen to be believed.