By Name, Not by Nature

Shirley's obviously feeling the whole Download vibe. I mean, check out the braided pseudo hair style but fuck it! She looks great, she sounds fantastic and her interaction with her band, the headbanging at her guitarist, confirms her status as more rock chick than pop starlet. She's so cute, bopping around like she's obviously enjoying herself.

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By the time that 'Stupid Girl' kicks in, the audience are enjoying themselves as much as her. What a great moment. I'm surrounded by old bikers, metalheads, emo and indie kids and punks. They're all bopping their heads along; this is a classic moment and a testament to a truly great song. Shirley's incredibly enigmatic - even during her air guitar solos, and for the first time today the main stage sound is almost perfect.

Later when she says "I don't know how many Doningtons you've been to but this is our first and we take it as a huge compliment". Well, by then, I'm sold. She means it but Garbage deserve to be here. Regardless of what music you might rather hear, Garbage are an amazingly talented band and as for Shirley Manson, well she's stellar and humble too. When all the amps failed she faced up to the audience and said they're having a failure although she was more concerned with the lipstick on her nose- cute! And what did it matter, if she hadn't said about the amps, we'd have never known. All this just confirms that Garbage are true professionals.

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