Feisty, fiery and definitely a fantastic night out- Bleeding Through

If you had to rate a gig by counting the number of feet you see flying in the air, then Bleeding Through would get the maximum!

7pm and the crowd is arriving at the Underworld with most of the people having their pints and waiting for the show to begin... First band on stage from Glasgow... atmosphere is getting hotter. Second band, the JustoneFix from London... Then arrives Cult of Luna: what can I say...brilliant! It must be quite harsh for them to perform in front of people waiting for just one group, but these three bands did so well and the audience responded positively to their music! Now the crowd's getting thicker... and then the climax: Bleeding Through finally arrive.

As soon as they start the interaction between the band and the audience is there. Brandan (singer) gives everything he has in his guts from the first second until the very last note, running from one side to the other on the stage, jumping in the pit, singing with the fans. All that mixed with the heavy guitar riffs, a powerful sound that is for sure: those guys know how to rock! The fans know all the lyrics and jump on the stage, take the mic for a minute and sing along with the band then jump back into the crowd. On one side of the pit transcended fans jump around leaving me wondering if they would all come out alive.

Great news for all of you out there: their fourth album should be out in September! The band offers us two brand new songs (one of them called 'Love in Slow Motion'). One lucky girl from Metal Hammer gets the chance to pick a song (it was her birthday!): 'Mother' and just as you thought it would not be possible... the whole crowd gets even crazier! Six Californians and their thrash metal just transported the venue to another level... Brandan and co.: THANK YOU for this great moment!

Unfortunately there is an end and of course you have to finish just like it started: with a pint! You get the chance to talk to one of the bands and then everyone goes home exhausted, sweaty and deaf but oh so exalted...

If you were not lucky to be at their show in London, be sure to catch them at the following UK venues :
- 15th February : Manchester @ Jillys Rockworld
- 16th February : Norwich @ The Ferry Boat Inn
- 17th February : Newport @ TJ's Newport