Hatebreed are here to make you stand up and fight for your life...

There's something moving about watching a band giving their all to the audience who in turn put everything into their violent display of love. Hatebreed have gathered a cult following and whilst they're only playing the Mean Fiddler tonight, it's obvious that they're destined for bigger venues.

Their music is a passionate clash of all that's great about modern day metal. Delivering passionate lyrics in a voice that seems more suitable for ferocious battle cries, Hatebreed are all about uniting their fans with each other, with their feelings and above all, with the hardcore genre. Hatebreed give the impression that their stage show depends entirely on the following they've gathered because their feisty hardcore anthems are nothing compared to the power that drives behind them when the audience snarls and rages along with Jamey Jasta as he bounds around stage. The energy each band member puts into their performance seems to have no boundaries- but it's more likely that their full throttle music has had a part in their destruction and Hatebreed have merely taken advantage of the fact.

A bubbling stew of anger and heavy music isn't all that Hatebreed have to offer- their set includes a dedication to the late Dimebag Darrell. There is much more to this band than what first meets the ears because there are members of the audience who are singing along because Jasta's lyrics fit their lives perfectly. On the surface the audience looks like your usual gathering of hardcore fans, but some people here will happily cite hip-hop as their primary genre- and that kind of diversity is proof that Hatebreed are doing something very, very right.

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