Killswitch Engage turn it on

One of the things I love about this band is the amalgamation of many of the best bits in music - Sabbath or Zeppelin style guitar melodies, pure metal riffs and a certain punk attitude.

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This music is so heavy, but it's beautifully orchestrated. Intricate without ever being too fussy and always melodious. Killswitch are amongst the more energetic performances I've seen on Download's Main Stage this year. They've obviously got a few fans - but the crowd is huge and everyone has their metal horns in the air for the whole set.

The lead guitarist is really funny - dancing and goose stepping across the stage. Within minutes of their performance he had jumped off the stage, and was running along the front of the audience - every fans dream as they get to lurch forward and touch a part of their own lives.

Eventually the rain looked as if it might really break loose. I'm a wimp, so I would have ran away, unlike the hundreds in the mosh pit, who, despite the wet, manage to kick dust high into the air. Killswitch are exactly what everyone needs to dance and mosh their weekend hangovers away and kick start a day of pure fucking metal.

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