Could be better...

Not really knowing anything about this band, with some trepidation I wait in between sets of Apocalyptica and The Bled not knowing what to expect. Emo metal someone said . . . possibly . . . we've seen them in Kerrang, like that should guarantee that they'll be good!?!

The Bled emblazon their way onto the stage with a raucous gutsy guitar and bass rumble . . . Oh good! They're noisy. Lots of feedback, metal vocals and heavy drumming all sounds pretty healthy. Nothing special or outstanding, but listenable all the same. That is, were it not for the sly bouts of fretboard wanking they slip in here and there. C'mon boys. If you're gonna do metal . . . then do metal!

But, juxtapose all of this against sonic walls of samples and amplified axe-groans and there's just enough emo there to make it slightly enjoyable. Trouble is, Megadeth are playing their last set ever on the other stage, and I know who I'd rather be listening to.