A lesson in Metal

It's likely that the majority of the Bloodstock crowd will have heard of Metalium at least once. They've got five excellent albums to their name, including the recent release of "Demons Of Insanity - Chapter Five", and furthermore they've played with the likes of Edenbridge, Saxon and they co-headlined the Wacken road show of 2004, so it's only natural that they've been called over to show their English fans what all the fuss is about.

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The set itself is reasonable, with the band favouring the new albums for content, which is understandable. Indeed, they played a decent amount of the new album, and a sizable chunk of 2004's excellent "As One - Chapter Four". Yet it feels as if the band are on autopilot, something you'd expect a band to suffer from at the end of a huge tour leg, not in a show attempting to win over a British fanbase. The band certantly are active on stage, but often their enthusiasm limits their techincal prowness.

However, the crowd are incredibly receptive to the band, and it seems the quality of their tracks win over the crowd at the end of the day. Whilst the show may be a little technically ragged, this band's drive to have a wild time certainly wins the day, there's definitely a notable salute from the crowd as the band depart and leave a fresh Bloodstock crowd prepared for the excellent day in front of them.

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