Try to be a punk band, turn out like twats.

As expected, there aren't very many people in the tent when I turn up. It's not even half full and some of those people are totally disinterested as well. I've heard this lot before, and to be perfectly honest, they’re awful. They just seem to be rehashing old clash styles and being all renegade . . . poorly.

So it was with interest that I watched the set. When they came on, they were clichéd down to the hairstyles they sport. I don't think I've ever seen a band that wants to be the Ramones more than TOL. I can see their singer badly trying to be a jerky, edgy frontman and failing at it. Instead the only thing that happens is that they antagonise the crowd even more - they should know better then to hurl bottles back.

"But what about the music?" I hear you cry. Well, it's as I expected: pretty straight-forward punk that's nothing special. The only thing to their credit is that they're pretty tight. Even a semi decent tune like 'Fuck it Up' is marred by the arrogance of the singer. I know full well that arrogancy is part of the deal when it comes to punk in general, but the difference between them and, say the Sex Pistols, is that TOL seem so fake. There just is no need for the arrogance - at least the Sex Pistols were original.

Having said that, some people actually seem to love it. There's even an attempt at stage diving, for crying out loud - wonders never cease to happen.

After a while, I start to lose the will to the watch the set, and an overwhelming sense of relief sweeps over me when they're effectively forced off stage by roadies who've come to clear up. This left the band annoyed and confused, but quite frankly, they deserved it.