Infectious country shuffle

With the rise in popularity, soon come other problems. Moving to a bigger tent but to an earlier daytime slot, Sons and Daughters found themselves playing an afternoon set that wasn't really made for their dark country vibes. Coupled with a building level of expectation, it may have been reasonable to assume a level of pressure was being applied to the young Scots act.

Thankfully, with tracks like opener 'Medicine' up their sleeve, the band was quickly winning over any doubters or curious onlookers. Largely concentrating on promoting new album 'The Repulsion Box', their brand of infectious country shuffle filled the tent and swept the partisan crowd into a frenzy.

As often happens at festivals, the sound levels can be of variable quality and it wasn't the clearest that Sons and Daughters have ever came across. However the crowd were constantly engaged with handclaps and finger snaps and the continual interplay between Scott Paterson and Adele Bethel kept the audience at the bands beck and call.

Forthcoming single 'Taste The Last Girl' was warmly received with its Smiths-esque guitar lead and jaggy vocals and should hopefully build on 'Dance Me In', which scraped into the top 40. Ending with a former b-side and album track 'Hunt' the band showed they have quality in depth and look set to continue their rise. Depending on schedules, it would not be a surprise to see this act on an outdoor stage at next year's T in The Park.