Good Tunes, Shame About The Singer

3 Inches of Blood aren't a bad band - that would be a rather unfair thing accusation. Rather, they're more of an uninteresting band, although the band doesn't seem to think that. To be fair, the third stage was about right for them.

Musically, there are some good tunes, but to put it mildly their first song, 'Crazy Nights' isn't much cop. I really can't take a band that keeps going 'crazy nights' all throughout the song seriously. The next one isn't much better either, but at least this one has a half decent tune and more lyrical content.

We're given filthy rock 'n' metal played very, very loudly. And that's what this band are all about, except the vital ingredient of imagination is missing. Having said that, their third song is a vast improvement being catchier than before. Fairly entertaining.

But, after the previous bands, 3 Inches of Bloody are a little, well, average (even with the huge riffs they play). I'm not impressed, and only a mention of Slayer gets a really big cheer - "This song is about you guys probably in the Slayer pit later"'. Motorhead did the dirty rock 'n' metal thing so much better.

What really annoys me about this band is the vocals: they're whiny and if it wasn't for them, the songs would be decent. Some of the melodies and riffs are psychedelic and swirling, fantastic to listen to - but I just can't get past the vocals.