Wise Cracks & Witty Jokes

The Napster Stage is so packed you can't even get into the tent to view the comical Henry Rollins. This controversial comedian is obviously incredibly popular with the crowd and, after managing to weave my way into the tent, I can honestly say that Rollins performed a great stand-up show. The crowd loves him as he continues to reel off punch lines that are mainly focussed around world affairs- particularly Iraq. It's all witty, well structured and incredibly funny- as proved by the roaring laughter throughout the tent and beyond. Rollins is also highly animated, pulling various expressions to illustrate his points, adding to the atmosphere. The highlight is definitely the Bush jokes, completely tearing into every one of his mistakes and packing every witty punch line into the show that is possible.

Henry Rollins has everyone in fits of laughter and it would seem that no one can drive the allegations of stupidity home quite as well as this talented comedian. Hilarious, original and very creative with his punch lines, Henry Rollins proves to be a lighter way to start the day and paves the way for the rest of the bands to be showcased on the Napster Stage throughout today.