Designed to thrill, licensed to stun

It's a late start for Chimaira and anticipation rises as the crowd become impatient. It's evident that those gathered in the tent have waited all day for this when the entire tent scream at the sight of the backdrop going up. Soon though, the band is on stage and ready to rage. The drums start rolling; crashing like war drums and picking up the pace as Chimaira get into the full swing of their aggressive death metal.

The drums are smashed into so fast and with such force that it so fast and with such force that it is a wonder that the drummer has not already gone through one set of sticks! The same with the bass guitar which has such power behind it that it can be heard over the drums and carnage that is the vocals and guitars crashing along with the aptly named irresponsible feud anthem 'I Hate Everyone'.

The crowd are mad for them and raise the sound levels even further by screaming for more, begging the band for more and more chaotic paradise. Raging vocals display agony and hatred beyond levels that can be condemned in hell. Indeed the vocalist is so raw and fiery it is almost like Satan has graced the stage. The music is indescribably powerful and abrasive and the crowd are lost in the pit of complete disorder that Chimaira have unleashed unto the Snickers Stage Tent.

Continuing to claw their way through the skin and knock the senses out of everyone honoured enough to be on the same turf, Chimaira crash, claw and scream their way through the untamed scream-scene music flawlessly. Ever energetic and throwing masses of hair wildly in the air, they hold a wild yet professional stage presence designed to thrill and licensed to stun. Chimaira have truly dished out one hell of a show today but it isn't over yet. 'Nothing Remains' is a new song from their new record, and Download is first official gig they have supporting it. It's not really that different in sound from what they have already accomplished, but the audience are even more riled up than ever and scream for more of this intoxicating death metal. Closing with more force then a 20 ton cannonball, Chimaira ensure that their fans do not leave the Snickers Stage tonight unsatisfied. A truly fantastic offering of death metal.