The Holiday Plan

Tonight, Billy Talent take the stage at a rather small venue with people crowding outside and around the corner to fill it as part of Billy Talent's UK tour.

The Holiday Plan prepare for their set by setting-up themselves. The guitarist entertains the crowd by doing some strange dance with his teenage mutant hero turtles top on and playing the drums. Surely that's a good thing?

The Holiday Plan step out on stage to a crowd that haven't heard many songs and are hessitant at how to react to them, but as the band progresses through the set, the crowd really seem to start to relate to the music. Within a couple of songs it is as if this unknown support band are one of the reasons most people have come tonight.

The set is extremely strong with the vocalist holding his voice on those long notes and the guitarist had his moments with the great short and snappy solos. The Holiday Plan really gave a great performance trying to entertain the crowd by talking to them in a way that many bands just don't bother with hese days. It's a band that seem to really enjoy what they do, they're laid back and seem to have a lot of fun. Sadly, not enough bands are like this. There were no amazing backdrops or fancy lights but it wasn't needed. They storm through their set and take control of the stage tonight.

The Holiday Plan is a band to look out for this year, with great songs and fantastic live performances. Make sure you get to see them next time there in your town because they are really worth the money. I know I will buy their album now after seeing them perform so well.