Psychedelic Zombies on the Rampage!

Racing onstage like escaped psychiatric patients, Send More Paramedics arrive on stage in makeup that certainly gives the impression that the members of the band have had a slight problem with being dead for a century or two. Causing serious damage to those unprepared for the noise to follow, Send More Paramedics plunge straight into their first song whilst screaming and crying like a man on the verge of death.

Their music has a steady pace that stabs the rhythm straight into the back of the tent like a knife to the back. Seriously morbid, and drenched in the scent of impending doom, Send More Paramedics seem to have a less than healthy obsession with death, blood and of course... zombies. After all, this is a band who like to call themselves "Zombie-core".

All well and good, but it tends to get a little tiring after a while. The crowd have little objection however, and the entire set merges together to form one extremely loud performance that varies little in its construction. Still, the incredibly amusing stage presence that these guys hold is intense and they have provided an entertaining set early on in the day for those blessed to see them.