Going Underground

The Subways create a good fulsome sound for a three piece and as one of the more alternative sounding bands on the main stage, it's good to see that they draw a healthy crowd. They certainly put on a good show, bassist Charlotte careers around the stage constantly as they deliver song after song of punk edged rawness and the hardcore of fans at the front lap it up.

The Subways are fast, engaging and it's nearly all good! Some of the slower moments are a little flat but they invariably erupt into a stomping monster of a tune. The vocals are good and in places sound not unlike 'P.i.L' era John Lydon. As the set progresses I begin to wonder if Charlotte has something wrong with her, she seems incapable of standing still, but it all makes for an entertaining performance that merely enhances their growing reputation. Second single 'Rock and Roll Queen' is a definite highlight and although some of the other tracks don't quite reach the same standard, they are a good enough band to carry them off. A welcome change of pace for the main stage.