Tonight Matthew We're Gonna Be Damn Good

Million Dead are the first band of the day on the Rock Sound Stage to get a decent attendance down at the front and it's good to see. The rest of the tent is pretty full and playing to a festival crowd means you've always got a percentage of people to win over, something Million Dead seem adept at.

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They get by far the biggest crowd reception of the day (thus far) and the band go straight into their stride with 'Bread and Circuses'. Giving it 100% from the off we've come to expect nothing less from Million Dead and as always they are great to watch. Frank utilises the whole stage, immediately engaging the front rows and standing up on the monitors. Tom yet again demonstrates that he's more than an able replacement for Cameron on guitar, Ben's drums are as tight and incisive as ever and Julia is a match for anyone else on the scene at the moment with her bass work.

'Holloway Prison Blues' is a perfect example of how Million Dead have progressed as songwriters with its excellent transition from verse to driving chorus, whilst 'Bovine Spungiform Economics' shows that the band can easily recreate the intensity of the album in a live setting. Mini mosh pits break out at the front and the fact that the forty minute set just flys by is an indication of just what an excellent live band Million Dead are. The new single 'To Whom It May Concern' has a great sing along ending that leads into a quite awesome version of 'Breaking Of The Back', it's a predictable but perfect finale during which Frank swings his mic around before jumping down off the stage to the front rows. Excellent stuff, yet again!

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