Powerful Stuff

After releasing their debut album in 2003, Birmingham band Distophia have been lauded by both NME and Kerrang.

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They come at you with fast, tuneful, stop start riffs and are musically tight, mixing a good blend of intensity with mellower interludes and emo sounding vocals. Distophia are clearly accomplished songwriters with an ear for melody. In terms of stage presence they could certainly do a bit more although the singer handles the between song banter admirably and as the set progresses they do get into it more.

With a big sound, in places they sound similar to Million Dead but that's certainly no bad thing and as the tent fills up a little they get a decent reaction. Although the vocals are too quiet, the overall sound is impressive and they come across as a good band. 'Joanne' is more mainstream in it's chord progression but no less intense. Taken from their mini album it builds into a riotous crescendo of noise before kicking back into the main riff and it's easy to see why they have received critical acclaim.

The last track is another powerful song that builds to a shattering finale with screaming vocals, an in tense rhythm and a wall of feedback (which is always welcome!). It's been a good set and with an album in the pipeline (Beat Dyslexia) the future looks bright.

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