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Ariel-X look every inch a rock and roll band, with a bass player that could have been lifted from the Manics, it certainly seems like they've worked on their image. The Rock Sound tent is heaving for Ariel-X and due to the heat outside it's sweltering in the tightly packed crowd.

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The music is forceful but controlled, blending driving rhythm with more intricate guitar parts over the top. The songs throughout the set display a maturity and creativity that sets them apart from the average rock/metal outfit. Unfortunately the sound isn't the best and some of the guitar work is lost but it detracts little from the overall impression. Whilst the vocals are clean and well delivered, they do lack real punch. I really want to like Ariel-X but there just seems to be something missing and it's hard to put a finger on exactly what it is. Whilst the material is strong and well delivered it lacks the great choruses or the killer hook that would make it memorable.
That said, the whole band put on a good show with the singer/guitarist displaying particularly good stage presence and it's not hard to see why they get as good a reaction as they do.

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